A Gift From Seth Godin: The Linchpin Session

Fit in or stand out. It's your choice.

From jobs to debt. Lizard brain to rule-breaking. Knowing to doing.

It’s all here in this gift from Seth Godin.

For the uninitiated, Seth is an Internet marketing pioneer and the author of many bestselling business books. His latest is “Linchpin: Are You Indispensible?

I recently had the opportunity to hear Seth’s presentation at a Linked OC event hosted by Bryan Elliott. The talk was a freewheeling monologue on the evolution of work over the past century, from the industrial age to the digital revolution, and how workers can make themselves indispensable.

Now you can hear Seth for yourself.

Give, give, give.

Seth advocates generosity and “giving gifts” in business. So he’s giving away this recording of a recent talk that he describes as “a 45 minute-long live recording of a master class session I did last week in New York. No slides, no script, just a riff.”

Seth is also encouraging people to give away his books after you’ve read them. He wants the ideas to spread.

He’s an engaging speaker who uses evocative visuals during his presentation. But for right now, you’ll just have to make do with the bird picture at the top of the page and the one of Seth’s socks below. For other perspectives on his recent Linked OC presentation, check out OC business blogger Kevin Liebl’s post, plus Denise Lee Yohn’s succinct notes and quotes. Chris Lorenz took some cool photos, too.

Hopefully this “master class session” will pique your interest enough to pick up a copy of Linchpin. And maybe even inspire you to solve interesting problems of your own.

Download the .mp3 of Seth Godin’s Linchpin Session.

And pass it on.

Seth's socks. Photo by @ChrisLorenz



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