Save Are Teachers!

A mind is a terrible thing to waist.

Is are children learning?

Not so much right now. At least not English.

My kids’ teachers are on strike. So now each school day is a choice between whether to attend and do mindless busy work that won’t count toward their grade, or stay home with endless distractions and parental nagging.

(Well, duh! Of course, the kids want to stay home! For them, it’s a holiday.)

Our local school district here in Southern California is not the only one experiencing a strike. This particular news story involves a different state halfway across the country.

After writing recently about The Happiest Signs on Earth, I must say this is one of the saddest I’ve seen lately. As a Vigilante Grammarian, it’s my duty point out this unfortunate sign of ignorance held aloft by a middle school (!) student at a rally for teachers in Iowa. (Obviously it should say “our” not “are”— just in case you weren’t sure what all the fuss was about.)

Evidently the English teachers are on strike as well. And they’re obviously not volunteering to proofread their supporters’ signs.

(Check out this video clip at the :11 second mark if you want to see the “Save Are Teachers” sign in the context of the original KCCI news report.)

But, hey, on the bright side, maybe with the sudden popularity of homemade protest signs at rallies and such, this could mean more opportunities for copywriters and proofreaders.

Somehow we need to make Spelling Bees popular again. Is it too soon for a remake of “Akeelah and The Bee“?

Someone needs to go back to school.



6 responses to “Save Are Teachers!

  1. Teachers are expected to do too much and parents too little with regard to readying kids to learn in school. America’s professed religion is overwhelmingly Christianity, but our parents have made it obvious that it’s actually materialism. In general, kids simply don’t come first. I’m not an Obama fan, but his education secretary, Arnie Duncan, is right: Parents must be more involved and teachers must be rated/paid based on effectiveness, not seniority or popularity. Devine for superintendent!

    • Dave, thanks for chiming in. Not sure if I’m ready for the superintendent gig, but I’m always ready for a three-month vacation.

      Newsflash: the CUSD Board and the teachers’ union reached an agreement at midnight last night (shortly after this was posted) and a robo-call went out this morning that the strike was over. My 5th grader was ready to mutiny! Not happy about going back at all.

  2. Mitch..tank you fer this inportent imfermashun. I ugrea with you!

  3. Hey Mitch,
    Love the new blog! I especially appreciate the wry wit, thoughtful insights and most of all, the quality of your writing. You should be a professional writer… oh yeah, you are!

    [Man, I hope I spelled everything right….]

  4. Mike, thanks for the encouragement!

    [According to spellcheck, we’re all write.]

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