Are you man enough to blog as a “Super Woman”?

Are you a Super Woman?

Alicia Keys is Hiring.

That’s the headline of a full-page advertisement in today’s local paper. It’s an ad for a different kind of job that didn’t exist until just a few years ago: The pop diva is looking for a full-time blogger.

Less than one week remains to apply. According to the ad, “Alicia is looking for a head blogger to help spread her voice beyond music on, the new destination for super women everywhere.”

“IAAS” is short for “I Am A Super Woman.” But unfortunately, as the LA Times Ministry of Gossip notes, the complete initials were already taken by another group of party people. (No word on whether they’re hiring.)

I looked over the necessary skills and qualifications listed at Alicia’s page. Then I looked again.

Help Wanted

Something was missing.

The only mention of gender qualification, aside from the Web site’s name, was this bullet at the end of the list of desired skills: “A demonstrated ability to motivate and encourage women through the discussion of women’s issues.”

This doesn’t look like a gender-neutral position.

Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a woman as head blogger of a site called “I Am A Super Woman”? The site strives to become “an online community connecting, inspiring, and broadcasting important topics related to women.” The head blogger’s job is to be “the main voice of the website aiming to motivate and encourage women all over the globe!”

Then why can’t the ad just come right out and say it? “This is a job for a woman!”

Well… uh, because that would be sexist!

Since the job is obviously intended for a (super) woman, why not restrict the applicants to female bloggers?

Well, there are a few possible reasons. Maybe the copywriter (a woman?) assumed it was understood or forgot to mention that only women need apply. Or maybe male readers are supposed to be perceptive enough to know they’re not qualified. Or maybe Alicia’s open-minded and doesn’t want to limit the voice of her blog.

In reality, she probably doesn’t want to encourage frivolous lawsuits. Employers cannot discriminate (outright) one way or the other for any job, no matter how gender-specific the task. Regardless, any applicants with obviously male names will more than likely get tossed anyway.

But before you get too fired up, notice that there’s no mention of salary range. And the successful candidate will have to relocate to New York, no expenses paid.

If Otter were here, he’d say, “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.” Some male blogger in search of a cause should apply. Celebrate diversity!

You have until May 3 to apply for the position of Alicia’s super head blogger.

As the ad says, what are you waiting for? After all, if a guy can become prom queen, surely a man can become head blogger at I Am A Super Woman.

Fairfax High's 2009 Prom Queen



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