Corpse Chic Fashion Ads

Does this ad make you want to buy a bag? Or find the killer?

Bag lady as fashion victim.

As a sartorially challenged male, admittedly, I’m not the target audience for these ads. But still, when my better half pointed out this ad for Louis Vuitton handbags in the latest issue of Elle, I was taken aback.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The model looks like a corpse. Perhaps the victim of a robbery or worse, with the contents of her purse scattered around. Or at best, an abused, disheveled mannequin dumped in a field, surrounded by scavenger doves. At first glance, it looked like her feet were missing, as if she were the victim of some psycho killer in an episode of “Bones”. All that’s missing is a chalk outline. After searching for clues, I finally detected the dirt-colored boots on her feet, hidden amongst the foliage.

For a fashion ad, the whole thing is pretty grimy looking, except for the brightly lit bag.

But hey, maybe it’s just me. So I checked around.

Turns out a couple of the commenters at Replica Pot had the same reaction: “Is CSI taking over the shoot or wat [sic]?? Lara looks more like fresh corps [sic] than anything else…”

Out with the old.

The model is Lara Stone, a 20-something who’s replaced the 50-something Madonna as the new face for Louis Vuitton. Here’s one of the old… er, sorry…previous Madonna ads.

Madge in a diner effortlessly leg-lifting a big ol' bag for $9.85 million. Check, please.

Relax. It’s only fashion.

Louis Vuitton describes their new ads as “all about relaxation.” Uh, sure. Girls just love to unwind by plopping down in a field of weeds without so much as a blanket.

The Luis Vuitton site goes on to say, “The campaign features Stone stretched out comfortably in the grass surrounded by moss, doves, and LV paraphernalia. It’s all quite bohemian-chic, free-spirited, and a little Brigitte Bardot-inspired…” Okay. If you say so. But none of these poses looks very comfortable.

The other shots in the campaign don’t look quite so much like crime scenes, maybe because the shoes are more visible. For a comparison, here are some of the other executions…er, uh… ads.

Maybe the message here is that even if you do get mugged and left for dead, your purse won’t get snatched.

Or: die young and leave a good-looking handbag.

So, do you feel like buying a bag now? Or playing dead and staring at the sun?



7 responses to “Corpse Chic Fashion Ads

  1. So…it’s a bag to die for??? Not my style that is for sure!

  2. I agree – no, this doesn’t make me want to buy the bag. If I saw it lying there next to the corpse, I’d probably think it was someone’s vermin-infested cast off.
    Not a glamorous image.

  3. Maybe Madonna killed her? Maybe LV’s next campaign will be Madonna being arrested, swanky luggage in tow? Maybe that’s what she’s crying about in all those beautiful, depressing and insanely airbrushed Gucci ads?

  4. Lindsay Lohan will, at best, get a Sketchers contract, and all that implies.

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