Starbucks Keeps It Simple

Starbucks hops on the "simple" bandwagon with "real food." Were they faking it before?

Simply coincidence?

Less than a week after writing about how Simple-Minded Marketing Works, I stopped in at a Starbucks and couldn’t help noticing the screaming all-caps headline on a previously blank napkin.

The coffeehouse that recently brought you free wi-fi, but selectively discourages loitering (not every store has a sign posted), has hopped on the simplified ingredients bandwagon. Now Starbucks is offering “real food” that’s “simply delicious.” This raises some questions: Was it all artificial and fake before? Does anyone even go to Starbucks for the food? Hopefully the coffee wasn’t artificially flavored. (Not that I could taste any difference.)

Starbucks now offers free wi-fi, but prohibits loitering. The only loiterers must be those without a computer.

The Seattle-based mega chain has always been a progressive-minded company supporting causes such as “fair trade” and environmentally sustainable practices. So perhaps Starbucks has been following the “rise of the  simplicity trend” as recently reported by Innova Market Insights. Either that or they’ve become dedicated Love Hate Advertising readers. (Yeah, right. Kidding, kidding!)

Good thing they’re not trying to sell sodas on city property in San Francisco. Sugar water from a machine = bad. Syrupy caffeinated water from a barista = better.

Does the “simply delicious” message make you feel better about buying food (or syrupy drinks) from Starbucks? Let me know if you notice any difference.



2 responses to “Starbucks Keeps It Simple

  1. I smell the aroma of desperation.

  2. From Kurt via FB:

    Some good points there, Mitch – – I bought a scone once at a Starbucks. That’s about it. I guess it was “real” – I used to go to Starbucks at least three times a week for regular coffee. Then I finally realized their coffee is unpredictable…it can be anywhere from burnt to good to thin. But I’ve never had a great coffee at Starbucks. So I just don’t go there anymore. I try to support our local coffee-terias. Plus, even though I don’t smoke anymore, I don’t like their new non-smoking policy…it’s cruel! – I figure they’ll reverse the policy once they realize 1/3 of their customers are gone. Whoops, I’m rambling…

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