Tweet This: Top 5 UnMarketing Twitter Tips

Scott Stratten spreads UnMarketing awesomeness at LinkedOC.

When you go to an UnMarketing event, there’s no need to turn off or even silence your cell phone. (As long as your ringtone is not by Ke$ha.) That’s because Scott Stratten, author of UnMarketing, wants you to tweet about it. You see, Scott is not ashamed to admit he loves Twitter.

“I Speak In Tweets”

That’s how Scott Stratten started off his keynote at the most recent LinkedOC event organized by Bryan Elliott. True to his word, Scott’s talk was filled with pithy UnNuggets that could be sent out in 140 characters or less. (Only problem was the cell phone reception—or rather, unreception—was spotty at best.) Just in case there was any doubt about when to tweet, Scott would pause just a little too long and give a big exaggerated wink. He’s subtle like that.

Scott Stratten on social media ROI: "Every time you ask for ROI on Twitter, a kitten dies." And Scott makes a face.

Engagement 2.0

Hosted by Gothic Moon Studios in Orange, the theme of the evening was engagement, which also happens to be part of the subtitle of his book: “Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.” While engagement is not exactly a new idea, the way Scott packages and delivers it is refreshingly humorous and direct. And his book reads a lot like the way he speaks. (Probably because he dictated much of it with voice-to-text software. See page 108.)

By the way, be sure to read the footnotes in UnMarketing, because they’re mostly snarky asides. In fact, Scott is so genuine, he even looks like his avatar picture in person. Always a good thing.

Scott Stratten is always branding, always UnMarketing. Yes, even this can be considered branding.

The 30-Day Twitter Challenge

A couple years ago, Scott was about to give up on Twitter as a networking tool (see Chapter 17: How Twitter Changed My Business). But before he bailed completely, he was willing to give it one last push. A 30-Day Twitter Challenge. So with about 2,000 followers at that point, he virtually lived on Twitter for the next month. That’s when he saw the light and became a true Twitter believer.

After his 30-day challenge, he had 10,000 followers and was “hooked.” Stratten writes, “I had made better and stronger relationships in that time span than all the other social networking sites combined. I had built a loyal following, booked speaking engagements, and gained consulting clients, without ever pitching a thing.”

One of the main reasons he believes in the power of Twitter is the absence of any barrier to engagement. Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter doesn’t require permission or approval for you to follow and engage anyone you like.

Here are Scott Stratten’s Top 5 Twitter Tips from UnMarketing

  1. Tweet constantly: Tweets have a short shelf life, so you need to be present to become known.
  2. Tweet quality: As Scott so eloquently put it, “People don’t spread meh. They spread awesome.”
  3. Tweet retweetable content: If you can write in less than 120 characters you make it easier for others to retweet your message.
  4. Be authentic: Don’t just pitch or talk business all the time. Be yourself.
  5. Use a face picture: It’s easier to connect with other people when you look like a human yourself. If you use a logo, people won’t recognize you at networking events unless it’s pasted on your forehead

Since Scott went out of his way to encourage people to tweet during the event, you might be interested to see the results. So here are some of my favorite audience tweets from the evening (many of them prompted by a knowing wink from Scott).

UnAuthor Scott Stratten and Mitch Devine—not trolls.

Thanks to LinkedOC for another insightful event and the inspiration for many great blog posts already.

And of course, feel free to tweet this post. Or if you’re really motivated (UnMotivated?), leave a comment to let me know you stopped by. (Unless you’re a troll.) Cheers!



7 responses to “Tweet This: Top 5 UnMarketing Twitter Tips

  1. haha I loved his comment about people not sharing “Meh.” – great recap!

  2. Mitch, thanks for the recap. I missed the event for some reason–doh!

  3. Thanks for the brilliant recap Mitch! Sorry I missed the event, but I will rush out to get the book. I am inspired by the 30 day Twitter challenge… perhaps a new year’s resolution?

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