Ooh, That Smell

Smells like… Advertising. Happy Honda Days!


3 responses to “Ooh, That Smell

  1. I’m telling you, Mitch (rhymes w/”rich”), you’re really ON to something here. Once you find a way to bake Christmas Cookies (y’know, with stars, pine trees, angels, etc. embossed on ’em) that are imbued with new-car smell, you’ll create a sensation. Thank me on the way to the bank…

  2. Dave, that’s brilliant! I think there’s already a new car scent for sale. Maybe spray the cookies with it? Or at least Ozium® or Febreze®? Smells like success!

  3. Clever! Ironically the “new car smell” costs up to 10k more than the “slightly used car smell”.

    What about that one Honda “ad” I sent you? That might be a blog post in and of itself though!

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