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Remember to Fix My Stinky Car, Then Pull My Finger


Let’s hope that hand’s been washed.




Mobile Advertising on Steroids

This mobile truck wrap was hard to miss.

I think I sprained my eyes looking at this truck wrap. Now he’s probably going to hunt me down and make me drop and give him 50.

Pop Culture Snack

Sometimes a good headline is all it takes. Loved this one for Pop Chips.

Nice headline on the car. I’d never heard of Pop Chips before but the line on the side of this passing car was enough to make me want to try the chips. (Don’t worry, my passenger shot the photo.)

According to the website description, Pop Chips (excuse me: popchips™) are not fried or baked, because that would be unhealthy or un-tasty. They’re popped. Heated up like popcorn apparently. (Nuked?) S’posed to be healthy or at least organic.

popchips™ are also uncapitalized. So what is it with art directors or brand managers and the aversion to capitalization? Just a style thing, I guess.

Have you tried them yet? Pop on over to to find out where to find them. Now I’m getting hungry.


Ensenada Advertising: Got Viagra?

Viagra as a Superhero. Right next to the children's toys and a muscle relaxant.

Another one for the “Got ____?” collection. Note that the smiling stick figure in the banner no longer needs a cane now that he’s grown a third leg. Super Viagra Man gives it one big thumb up. (Seen at La Bufadora – Ensenada, Mexico.)


Typo Spoils Marketing Agency’s Pubic Image and SEO

Spelling is probably in the Top 20 of the 15 best things about pubic schools.

What do they teach in those pubic schools?

Think spelling is unimportant? One little “l” can ruin your whole day. Ask the Indiana agency responsible for this billboard. You’re looking at every proofreader’s (and press checker’s) nightmare: A big, fat published typo. A “pubic” typo, in fact.

The above billboard’s missing “l” is now a capital “L” on the collective foreheads of the Blue Waters Group, the agency responsible for the suddenly infamous “pubic schools” sign.

Honorary Vigilante Grammarian and South Bend resident Lee MacMillan said his wife spotted the embarrassing error of omission while sitting in traffic, as reported in the South Bend Tribune.

The digital billboard was for a website called and was created by The Blue Waters Group to promote South Bend, Indiana, on behalf of the city’s redevelopment commission. The agency took responsibility Continue reading

Axe vs Old Spice vs Grover – Smells Like a Monster

Axe stakes its claim as "Canada's #1 Men's Deodorant" with a billboard that reads: "For men who'd rather be with a woman than on a horse."

Smells like…

Competition! Old Spice has been on the receiving end of a few potshots lately, which is to be expected after being on a roll (or on a horse) for a while.

To start with, the company’s shirtless spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa, went moonlighting away from his regular gig as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like for Old Spice. He did basically the same shtick for someone else, but on the other side of the world and without all the props. Maybe he just needed a break from the bathroom. He went all the way to Australia to disrobe for… Continue reading

Does this mean Zuckerberg is a Republican?

Could mean Republican or Communist. Or maybe he’s just a Sammy Hagar fan. That or Carrot Top. 


Puritan Gets Fresh

Puritan Bakery hauls buns.


The “Inception” Ad Deception

Inception: The Dream Is Real. So is the marketing.

Inception” is a powerful, original film filled with deceptions. Both the special-effects kind and the plot-driven mental kind. There are also larger themes running through it. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry. No plot points will be revealed.

This is Not Another Review

Critics were sworn to silence before it opened. If you still care what critics are saying after a “dreamy” $62.8 million opening weekend and a cumulative $143 million for the first 10 days, a collection of choice review excerpts can be found at the WSJ Speakeasy blog.

As a fan of both film and advertising (see 101 Ad-Movies in 99 Years), I want to highlight some of the ads and how well they tied in with the story themes. The multichannel marketing campaign consisted of traditional TV spots along with Facebook fan pages with social games, mobile apps, and an online comic book to create fanboy engagement and spur strong word of mouth. Continue reading

More Fictional Outdoor Ads at Disneyland

Disney's faux ads include this mural for Laod Bhang & Co. Fireworks, found in Frontier Land.

Return of The Happiest Signs on Earth

With so much dismal news in the world (unemployment, floods, oil spills, bomb scares, volcanos, you name it), thank goodness for places like Disneyland, where you can escape the news and the routine, at least for a few hours.

Yet even in the Happiest Place on Earth™, there’s no escape from advertising. It just takes on different forms. However, unlike most ads that detract from or clutter their surroundings, Disney strives to use advertising and signage to enhance the environment and the experience. More often than not, they succeed. Continue reading