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GuitarTV.com Makes Noise on Social Media Channels

The GuitarTV.com site, showing co-creator Steve Vai in a clip from the film "Crossroads."

Ever watch a music video and wonder what kind of gear the guitarist is using? Or how much the guitar cost and what type of amplifier was used? Maybe you wanted to know which album had that song. Or find sheet music tabs. Or score tickets to the next gig.

Six-String Gearheads, Rejoice! 

You can stop wondering and start rocking. Everything you want to know—and buy—from your favorite guitar slingers can now be found in one place. (Cue drum roll…)

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: GuitarTV.com

Back when MTV used to play actual music, the network would list the artist, song and album info, but only at the beginning and end of the video. If you missed it, you were out of luck. GuitarTV takes that idea and cranks it up by a factor of at least six. Continue reading


Green Day Sells Politics Via Punk, and Vice-Versa

Green Day performs in front of a collage of fliers advertising gigs from the early days.

Branding for Punkers

It’s fascinating how significant brand image is, even to punks who act as though they care little for such commercial/corporate concerns. But even rebels have to admit how “important” they feel it is to be considered “punk”.

Is Green Day Classic Rock?

Green Day just played a sold-out show at our local corporate-branded amphitheater in Irvine (which I’ll always remember as Irvine Meadows). From modest Bay Area beginnings as a three-piece punk band, Green Day has morphed into a six-piece (for the tour) arena rock powerhouse, complete with corporate marketing, sponsorship, and lots of merchandising in support of last year’s “21st Century Breakdown” album.

A Green Day fan dives back into the crowd after being invited up on stage. Photo by Kevin Sullivan, Orange County Register

As the the OC Register noted in it’s review, the band now gets played on KROQ radio’s “Flashback Weekend” shows, which practically puts it in the “classic rock” category for the Gen-X/Y demo.

A wall of TVs form the backdrop for Green Day's performance of American Idiot.

Punk Meets Broadway Musical

What may be most interesting about Green Day is how the band has managed to hold onto its punk roots while basically “selling out” via its political pop opus “American Idiot,” now a Broadway musical. What’s up with that? Continue reading