John Galt follows Jerry Garcia


Just saw “The Music Never Stopped,” a moving movie about a father and his prodigal son, a brain tumor, and the healing power of music–especially the Grateful Dead. Looking forward to John Galt’s big screen debut with “Atlas Shrugged,” opening on April 15: tax day, appropriately enough.


4 responses to “John Galt follows Jerry Garcia

  1. Thanks for the heads-up re: The Music Never Stopped. This movie is sure to have impact for my wife and I, and I wouldn’t have noticed its arrival (and certain imminent departure – movies at the Regency So Co Village are typically “here and gone”) without your having mentioned it!

    • Dave, I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it. However you phrase it 😉 I have to credit my wife for discovering it and insisting we see it. This happened to be opening weekend of a limited engagement (only one theater in O.C.). We even caught the matinee. Go see it!

  2. PS: As a fellow wordsmith, I’m embarrassed to confess that I should have said “…wife and me…” above. Where’s my dunce cap?

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