Mobile Advertising on Steroids

This mobile truck wrap was hard to miss.

I think I sprained my eyes looking at this truck wrap. Now he’s probably going to hunt me down and make me drop and give him 50.


6 responses to “Mobile Advertising on Steroids

  1. There’s a lot of wasted space on those tires.

  2. If he’s really on the ball, he’ll have custom imprints on the tires so he can cover the beach with his website.

  3. My initial feedback would have mirrored Ken’s, and I loved your customized tire imprint idea. Now all I can add is an oversized, styrofoam antenna topper that’s die-cut/printed to resemble a bulging bicep.

    • Dave, I think you may have found the last bit of unused space! But then, I couldn’t see the roof, so who knows?

  4. ha agreed. I’m too busy being overwhelmed to even know what they’re trying to advertise!

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