Axe vs Old Spice vs Grover – Smells Like a Monster

Axe stakes its claim as "Canada's #1 Men's Deodorant" with a billboard that reads: "For men who'd rather be with a woman than on a horse."

Smells like…

Competition! Old Spice has been on the receiving end of a few potshots lately, which is to be expected after being on a roll (or on a horse) for a while.

To start with, the company’s shirtless spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa, went moonlighting away from his regular gig as The Man Your Man Could Smell Like for Old Spice. He did basically the same shtick for someone else, but on the other side of the world and without all the props. Maybe he just needed a break from the bathroom. He went all the way to Australia to disrobe for… Microsoft?!

Meanwhile, back in the Great White North of Canada, Axe put up a zinger billboard (above) aimed squarely at a certain-smelling guy and the horse he rode in on.

Finally, back in the States over on Sesame Street, the furry blue monster Grover has stepped in as the new authority on odor. Consider it an homage. It’s all in how you see it. Or smell it.

Just for the record, are you (or have you ever been) an Old Spice Man or an Axe Man? None of the above? Do you know any? Inquiring minds want a whiff.



2 responses to “Axe vs Old Spice vs Grover – Smells Like a Monster

  1. This makes me very glad my boyfriend doesn’t wear cologne– the decision making process sounds way too complicated, and I’m highly susceptible to the influence of muppets.

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